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Bipolar RF face Lifting Machine


 Special energy points design targeted to eyes around

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Theory :

Bi-Polar RF  

For skin tissue, when its temperature rise over 40C, it is blood circulation is expedited as blood flow increasing, which promotes metabolosm. In addition, hormone secretion becomes normalized due to expedition of bolld circulation, and cells are activated with oxygen provided by discharging toxics which prohibits secretion of melanic pigment.

Application :

1. Managing wrinkles or skin rejuvenation

This device transfers high frequency RF energy to skin and stimulates to produce collagen in skin layer. In this case, stimulated collagen tissues are activated and thus help prevention of wrinkles due to stress and help expedition of skin rejuvenation.

2. Managing freckle and skin-whitening effect

This device could alleviate freckles due to deteriorated blood circulation in a way that high frequency RF energy is transferred to skins and blood circulation is expedited and it also help skin-whitening effects by reducing melanic pigment secretion.

3. Heat is generated on skin tissue by transferred high frequency RF energy, When heat is generated in skin tissue, antibiotic affect is activated and then it normalized sebaceous glands and regulates secretion of sebum, which helps to reduce secretion of pimples(acne).

4. Remove the dark pouches, the pouch, the ocular region lines on face, alleviate dropsy, eliminates the eye strain, sculpture the ocular region outline.

Specification :

Technology: Bipolar RF

Bipolar RF frequency: 5 MHz 

Power: 300W 

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