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Top Beauty RF vacuum cavitation equipment 3 handles for facelift body slim


 RF Combine Vacuum and Cavitatin Technology

 3 handle for face and body

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RF Technology & Vacuum Suction technology

Radio frequency (RF) deliver energy through epidermis, endogenous heat causes instant shrinkage to the dermal collagen fibers and stimulates secretion of more new collagen. The energy causes the temperature of the dermal tissue rise, enhances the oxygen flow rate of the body, improve blood and lymph circulation, activates metabolism, eliminate and soften cellular organization.

Vacuum Suction specially designed negative pressure suction head, according to personalized skin conditions of human body, applying different depth of kneading and massage to the epidermal layers of the skin, blood vessels, fat layer and layer of the nervous system, thus it can effectively improve the fluid flow between human cells, increase movement of cells , activate cells, promote circulation of the blood and lymph circulation of the imperceptible blood-vessel, accelerate metabolism and improve the skin.

Cavitation technology 
Ultrasonic cavitation technology is an safe and non-invasive approach to slim your body and reduce cellulite by using ultrasound to treat multiple areas all over the body. Ultrasound weakens the cellular membrane of fat cells within the treated area and liberates fatty acids into the blood stream. The fatty acids are phagocytosed by human macrophages, which results in a decrease of fat cells and helps contour your body.

1. cellulite reduction and wrinkle removal
2. body slimming and shaping
3. skin tightening and lifting 
4. body lymthatic drainage and promote blood circulation
5. expell the extra toxin and resolve the pigment and stain

6.promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, alleviate the body palace cold state

Technology:VACUUM +RF+Cavitation

Function:Weight Loss, Anti-Wrinkle

Treatment area:Face, body

Treatment handle1:Vacuum RF for face

Treatment handle2:Vacuum RF for body

Treatment handle3:40kMHZ Cavitation for body


RF Frequency:1MHZ

Service:OEM & ODM

Warranty:12 Months

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