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2 rd Tecar RET CET Beauty & Pgysio Devec



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Tecar RET CET RF Operating Principle :

Beauty :

Tecar heats visceral fat cells to dissolve it and eliminates it from the body through hepatic metabolism, to achieve the goal of managing visceral fat. Meanwhile, it can heat collage in the corium layer to make it denser, so as to lift skin.


Physio :

A modern method of physiotherapy, which raises the temperature of the human body by 5-7 degrees by high-frequency deep heat, opens the main pipeline of the human body, improves blood circulation rate by 4-5 times, and speeds up the discharge of body waste. It is the most natural conditioning body way 


Myofascial relaxation therapy, reversing body age :
The fascia is full of the body, which is the connective tissue that connects the muscles and the skin. The myofascial relaxation therapy is a treatment for the soft tissue of the whole body. It stretches the hardened fascia, relieves the body from compressing and straining discomfort, and is often caused by fatigue and stress. Easy to get hurt, strain, inflammation, etc.




 Tecar therapy  photo




RET RF tips





Tecar RET CET RF Technology Adantage :


  • Electon activity 470.000 time/sec

  • Increasing core body temperature up as much 5℃ -7 ℃

  • Expansion of artery and capillary 

  • Increasing blood flow rate as 4- 5 times 




Function of the Tecar RET CET RF  :  


Beauty Sector Body CareFace Care Physiotherapy 
Fat melting
Fat combusting
Adipocyte destroying
Elasticity Increasing
Cellulite improving
Face lifting 
wrinkle removing
Elasticity Increasing
Pore size reducing 
skin resurfacing
skin texture smoothening
calcification breaking
tendons, muscle pain relieving
revascularization promoving
calcareous removing



  physio tecar 



Tecar RET CET RF  Specification :


Technology RET RF & CET RF 
Max output power250W
Carrier Frequency 0.3Mhz - 0.5Mhz
Max intensity 80Ma RMS
Out Modes Round Electodes / Rectangle Type
Treatment timer0-60minutes
Safety Device Zero Start , Safety Switch

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