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Starvac Sp2 body Slimming Machine



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Starvac Sp2 Vacuum Roller





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Theory of Starvac SP2 vacuum massaging device

Excellent when treating cellulite and reducing fat accumulations

Mechanical vacuum massage affects fat cells, connective tissue, vascular and lymphatic system more efficiently than any other manual massage. By applying suction, the cells of fat tissue get disrupted and are subsequently washed away through the lymphatic system. Fat tissues volume is thus reduced and the body parts where this method is applied get significantly slimmer. The suction also strongly promotes blood circulation, improves oxygen and nutrition supply, activates new creation of collagen, firms up deflated subcutaneous connective tissue and restores the elasticity of the skin tissue. Parts affected by cellulite are visibly smoothened. By boosting the lymph circulation, toxins and metabolites are washed away from the body at a faster pace, skin and the entire body looks younger and regenerates.



The duration of the treatment of one body part varies from 20 to 40 minutes. It is recommendable to subsequently apply a special body wrap and finalising treatment in the form of mechanical lymphatic drainage (Pneuven).



As a result, your skin will be softer, tighter and more flexible, cellulite will be reduced, liposuction-related bumps and adhesions smoothened, your body will be reshaped and body volume will be reduced.






Application of Starvac SP2 vacuum massaging device 
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1).Corretve action on orange peel and cellulite.

2).Restores skin suppleness and elasticity. Reduces wrinkles.

3).Hypertrophic scars treatment.

4).Drains lymphatic system and stimulates muscles. Eliminates stiffness

   after exercising. Accelerates recovering process.

5).Breast enlargement, stimulate and tan up the bust in order to increase

   breasts and firmness.

Roller vacuum








Specification of Starvac SP2 vacuum massaging device

Power Supply : 110V-120V/220V-240V, 50/60Hz 

Output Power : 300W

Vacuum pressure : 99KPA

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