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ESWT Shock Wave Body Slimming Machine




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ESWT ShockWave




Shock wave theory :  


Shock waves provide an ideal body shaping treatment option. They are applied to tissue to stimulate cells.Cellular membrane permeability is thus increased and free fatty acids and glycerol are released from the cells. Metabolic products accumulate in the intercellular space and are removed via the lymphatic and blood systems.

Shock waves improve tissue metabolism and enhance the transport of catabolic products to the liver for use in energy metabolism. The additional energy sources created inside the body as a result of fat cell activation need to be eliminated by a slight diet, physical exercise and by drinking plenty of fluids. 





Advantages :

• non-invasive procedure: patients are able to resume daily activities and physical exercise immediately after the treatment
• painless: the patient does not experience pain or discomfort during the procedure
• safe: the cooling system only affects the fat cells, leaving surrounding tissue unaffected and intact
• does not require anesthesia: may be easily performed in any medical office
• excellent results: a complete reduction of fat is experienced after just two weeks and a complete improvement of cellulite is visible.

Application :


1. Excellent satisfaction rate reported by clients worldwide
2. Painless application
3. No special regimen required
4. No side effects, no risks
5. Very fast treatment (maximum 30 min)
6. Two treatments a week for three weeks required
7. Long lasting visible results (up to 6 months post treatment)
8. Scientifically proven method


Shockwave sutiable for :


1. Anti-cellulite treatment 
2. Muscle and connective tissue tightening
3. Elimination of lymphatic congestion 
4. Body shaping
5. Regulation of muscle tone 
6. Medical massage


Shock wave sl08a


Detail image of the Shockwave machine :


Shock Wave treatment handle update 







Treatment interface :



Specification  :

TechnologyESWT Shockwave body Slimming 
Shockwave tips treatment size 9mm, 15mm, 25mm, 39mm 
Shockwave frequency1-10Mhz
Shock wave energy 180J

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Q :  Does Top Beauty offer OEM / ODM Service :

A :  Of course, we do ,  Please send us your logo and then we could put on the machine,

      If you want to have other change to the machine, you are welcome to discuss with us.


Q :  How could I Buy the Machine from Top Beauty , Is that safe ? 

 A :  Please leave your message in the bottom and send to us, we will respond to you within

        24 hours . 

        we accept the Western union, T/T , Alibaba Trade Assurance, And we had become Alibaba

        high grade supllier 8 years.


Q : What is the Warranty for the Machine 

A :  The host machine offer 1 year warranty ,  Accessories offer 3 months warranty, If you need to extend 

        the warranty, Please talk  to our sales. 

        When the machine have proble, Please feedback the problem with short video or pictures and then 

        we will feedback to the engineer, We will do our best to offer the salution within 1 days.


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