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Vacuum Roller Lipolaser Machine for weight loss


 Technology : 650nm Lipolaser + BIO + Vacuum Roller

 Multi-language operation Interface

 Multi paddle work at the same time, fast treatment

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How Lipolaser Works?

The lipolaser system burns fat in the same way that the body does naturally. The lipolaser emitts low energy laser that prompts the body to use its stored energy reserves. The laser produces a hemical reaction in the fat cells, and causes triglycerides that are stored beneath the skin to break down into free fatty acids and glycerol.Once the fatty acid is released, it is then transported throughout the body and is used during the metabolic process to create energy. The lipolaser system initiates this natural process, and helps the body to use the fat that is already present. The lipolaser system does not prompt any unnatural reaction in the body, and will not cause any damage to surrounding tissues, or damage blood vessels or nerves. To get the most out of the i-lipo treatment, it is recommended that you exercise following the treatment session. This mobilizes the fatty acid excretion from the body, and enhances the weight loss results.


How Does Electrolipolysis Work? 
During electrolipolysis acupuncture needles are used to send pulse-like currents through the fatty tissue. The electro-stimulation has the effect of increasing the release and activation of the fat-degrading enzymes, the lipases. The release of stress hormones effects an additional reduction of fat (lipolysis). The rise in temperature in the areas of the body being treated results in increased blood circulation in the tissue and improved local metabolism. During whole body acupuncture the connective tissue is drained of water and purified and the balance of the feeling of hunger restored.


1. Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat, waistline, abdomen, back, buttocks, arms, etc

2. Excess fat cell melted

3. Smooth fatigue

4. Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals

5. Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism

Laser wavelength650nm+Electrophoresis
Laser typeDiode laser(cold laser, low-level laser)
Laser energy single output150MW
Laser output paddles6pcs big paddles, 4pcs small paddles
Vacuum handle2pcs vacuum roller handle
Numbers of Diode Laser52units (6x8units,4x2units)
Cooling systemAir cooling+Wind cooling
VoltageAC110~220V; 50/60Hz

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