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Korea Bubble hydro peeling Machine


 Technology : Hydro Peeling + BIO + RF +Ultrasonic Mesotherapy

 Multi treatment program for all type skin

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Theory :

Hydro Peeling :

The principle of water displacement by the internal environment of water molecules are processed quickly solve skin breathing is not smooth,

dry cell, the water in the environment by various pigment pollution, garbage piled conditions, humane with different densities of water carved 

probe suitable for all skin types, completely replace the miniature microdermabrasion, crystal bead leather, oxygen water. 

The use of hydrodynamic circulation system, the water ions gene directly into the deepest pores, the transport of nutrients in the water to the 

basal layer of skin, while the inner wall of the pores of the attachments on a comprehensive clean. Thoroughly clean the skin at the same time

will not make coarse pores, but also can add a lot of moisture to the skin. Only a cleaning step, you can make your skin fresh and achieve 

transparent, supple nascent feeling.

RF treatment handle :

When the RF working, The internal of the skin will feel heat, when the demis up to 44℃ , collagen fibers contraction. Stimulate and secretion 

more new collagen to fill the gap cause by atroph and loss of collagen.

Along with the demis collagen continued proliferation and rearrange. The loose skin will feel lifting and tighten effect after treatment .

Ultrasonic Treatment handle :

It use 1LH high frequency. 1LH is to generate vibrations in one second a million times, Which the slight stimulate is the finger could not realized.

Unlike hand massage only friction surface of the skin, The microwave is the gentle stimulation which cpenetrate the skin dee. 

Uses Ultrasound vibrate, the tissue molecules friction heat. deep thermal of the skin effect features local tissue blood vessels, promote circulation 


BIO Treatment handle :

By imitating human biological output current through the skin into the muscle cells and stimulate intracellular energy contained cells were allowed to 

resume normal operation and function, shaping facial contours, face-lift, reduce double chin, reducing wrinkles, pores and the like.

Accessories :

1. Hydro Peeling handle

2. BIO Treatment handle

3. RF Treatment handle

4. Ultrasonic Mesotherapy handle



Application :

Deep oxygen skin care

Face lifting & tightening

Lymphatic drainage

Fade fine lines spots

Activate collagen regeneration 

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