Laser hair growth comb


 Technology : Laser + Infrared

  Use one session session , you will see th result

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The 3 in 1 laser hair restoration comb adopts the latest soft laser technology (650nm) with Micro-current and high power LED light therapy. It generates 650nm low level laser energy which stimulates hair follicle, activate the atrophic scalp cells, balance bio-energy and improve metabolism. Micro-current energy is a low-frequency electric pulse. It effectively activates cells and accelerate generation of hair follicle. High power LED light consists of six color light wavelength which promotes the detachment of dead cells and regeneration of new cells.

With the three powerful technologies, the hair-growth nutrition absorption is greatly improved. Meanwhile, constant massage and pat of scalp accelerate the blood circulation of capillary vessel and enhance permeability of cells to supply the nutrition to the steady watches tag heuer aquaracer replica musculature and skin more effectively. With the laser energy, the increase in blood flow brings the important nutrients into the follicle, while taking away harmful waste products such as DHT. The increase in ATP increases cellular metabolism and cellular activity. As a result, the regeneration of hair follicle is achieve, which will produce healthier hair, prevent further hair loss, and stimulate hair growth.


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Treatment range :

Reverses and stops hair loss
Energizes weakened hair follicles
Invigorates hair follicle and produces thicker, healthier hair
Prevents further hair loss and promotes hair growth stimulation breitling fake superior watches

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